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Provided at this site, for no charge you can create an ObjectDataSource similar to the one discussed in the MSDN article by Peter Kellner with the notable addition that you can include your Profile information. Simply cut and paste the section of your web.config file starting with the tag <system.web> and ending with the tag </system.web> into the multiline textbox below. Press the "Show Generated C#" button and many hundreds of lines of C# ObjectDataSource will be generated. Cut and Paste it into your project.

Go into VS2005, create a new gridview, create a new ObjectDataSource based on this code and instantly you'll be able view and edit not only your Membership information but also edit your custom Membership Profile Data. If you are interested in evaluating our product (now in beta) that lets you generate this type of ObjectDataSource for your SqlServer, Oracle, or MySql Databases, Let us know by Clicking Here

For a Live Demonstration of an aspx page using an ObjectDataSource generated below, Clicking Here.  Notice the additional First and Last Name fields added. Good Luck and thanks for coming by.

-Peter Kellner

Paste below your system.web section here (from your web.config).